Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Party

I love rainbows, I always have.  My sister Britney got rainbow wallpaper in her room growing up and I was forever jealous.  I came across a simple idea for a rainbow birthday cake a few months back and decided then and there that my 9 month old daughter at the time would have a Rainbow Birthday Party when she turned one.  I found the cutest ideas all over the web and I am going to share them all with you.

First of all the invites:

Aren't they so cute?  I got the base from paperglitter and then I bough the ribbon from hobby lobby and just punched holes in the side and tied a knot with each ribbon color, totally cheap, easy and cute.  That is my style!

Next, the party favors
Again, I got the tags from paperglitter, the bags are just regular brown paper lunch bags and the cute rainbow ribbon from hobby lobby.  I filled each bag with pops, sparklers, water balloons, a bouncy ball, and a few airheads candy.  We were meeting at 7:00 PM, having cake and ice cream and opening presents, I knew there would be leftover time before the fireworks started and since we only invited family, there would be cousins, who vary in age from 14-3, so I tried to get stuff that would appeal to all of them and give them stuff to do while waiting for fireworks to start.  It worked, they had a blast with the water balloons and the adults all got involved too, we had ourselves a full fledged water fight!

Next, the water bottles
These again are from paperglitter they have tons of free printables for a rainbow party and any other party.  So fun!

And last, but not least, the cake, the thing that inspired this whole party in the first place. . .
The big cake

And the mini cake for my sweet 1-year old.

I got the basic ideas for the cake at family fun it is a super simple idea, but turns out so cute, plus the kids really love it.  I used rainbow batter for the inside of the cake as seen on our rainbow cupcakes.  It was a hit!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Annabelle!

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