Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shimmering Easter Eggs

These will add a sparkle to your Easter Baskets.
Shimmering Easter Eggs
From: Brit & Kells

Fine Glitter
Elmer's glue
Kids Water Color Paint Brush

Mix equal parts glue and water. This will make the glue easier to apply to the egg. It covers the egg more evenly. Use paint brush and apply glue to one side of the egg. Cover that side in glitter. Let dry and repeat on the other side.

"Put that in your back pocket"
-Brit & Kells


  1. These turned out great! Thanks for the tip on mixing the glue and water.

  2. I made these with my kids, they were so fun and cute! Just make sure you don't mop your floors before you do this...mop them after. You will have sparkly floors for days :)