About Us

Welcome! We are Brit, Meg and Kells and we are the proud owners of Back Pocket Creations. We are sisters who love to cook, craft, bake, and create. We are so happy to be here sharing all our recipes, crafts, fun, and of course mishaps. (We have those too.) We hope you enjoy! We post often so go ahead and bookmark us and come back soon. 


I am Brit... the oldest of the family, and therefore the most knowledgeable...he he:)  No, I seriously wonder what the heck I am doing most of the time.  But here I am...hopefully you can learn from my mistakes, which I will be sharing with you!  That is why I think this blog experience will be so much fun.
I live in Highland, Utah with my 3 kids and hottie-of-a-husband Steve!  Our oldest Jake, just turned 14, Faith is 9 and Jonah is 8.
I have to be honest, I have never liked to cook...but I absolutely LOVE to eat.  Its a serious passion, and I have learned that if I like to eat good things, I have to learn to cook good things.  So everytime I post something on this blog, I will make sure its really good and really easy to make!  I have dabbled in all things crafty...you name it, I have tried to do it.  TRIED is the key word.  But I have learned that the hot glue gun is my best friend.

I am Meg- the middle child. I live in Herriman, Utah and I am married to my handsome, hard-working husband Greg.  We have three little boys; Aiden is 8, Briggs  is 6, and Gavin is 3.  We were recently blessed with a sweet little girl, Annabelle who is 10 months. I love food, always have, always will, there is very few foods that I don't like and none I won't try.  I have always loved to cook and bake, ever since I was little I was eager to help my mom in the kitchen.  I credit my mom for most of my skills, she is amazing in the kitchen.  I also took foods class in high school for three years straight, because that was where all the cute boys were! Despite all the flirting, I learned a lot about cooking as well.  I also love to run, it has kind of been an addiction since I had my baby in June.  After my long training runs on Saturdays you can always count on me to be making some sort of treat or dessert to reward myself!


I am Kells, the caboose of the family. I live in Sandy, Uath with my wonderful, creative and fun loving husband, Brian. We are expecting our first child on June 1st. I'm hoping she'll come a little sooner. I feel like a blimp! I have been cooking for as long as I can remember. My Mom always encouraged me to cook my own breakfasts and after school snacks. The first thing I remember experimenting with was pasta. I made up my own pasta sauce. I made that stuff everyday! Brian actually loves to cook too. So, some of the recipes I will be posting are his. I love to hang out with my sisters. We have such a fun time together. They, along with my Mom, are for sure my best friends. I love to be creative. I am always looking for my next craft project. My number one thing in crafting is good paper. You can do anything with good paper.