Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wingers Sticky Fingers

I have got a great recipe for you today and it is so simple!  Only three ingredients, four if you are counting the chicken.  One of our favorite places to eat as a family is a restaurant called Wingers.  They have restaurants all across the United States.  Our favorite thing to get there is the boneless wings, which they call sticky fingers, they are basically chicken fingers covered in their original amazing sauce. The sauce is a great combo of sweet & spicy.  This recipe taste identical to their amazing sauce, it is so good, quick, easy and budget friendly, you can't beat that!

Winger's Sticky Fingers
From: Real Mom Kitchen
Yields: Covers approximately 8 chicken fingers
Time: 5 minutes for the sauce
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3 T Frank's Hot Sauce (must be Frank's, no other will do!)
3/4 C Brown Sugar
2 T Water

Mix all ingredients in a small sauce pan, cook on medium-high heat until it starts to boil and the sugar is dissolved, let it boil for about a minute.

Pour the sauce in a container that has a lid, add your cooked chicken (wings, popcorn, or fingers) place the lid on the container and shake to coat the chicken in the sauce.

Serve with ranch dipping sauce.  Enjoy!

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  1. These look great! I will give them a try for sure! And we love Frank's Hot Sauce at my house, so I'm sure they'll be awesome! I noticed you get a lot of ideas from other blogs.... one of my favorite family-friendly cooking blog is Christy has great ideas!