Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tips For The Best Looking Easter Eggs

While dying eggs this year, we found a few great tips we want to pass on to you! Print Tips 1-DYE- To make your dye we suggest using food coloring. It works way better than that pre-made stuff. You can even buy Neon food coloring now! That is what we used. It's right next to the regular food coloring in the store. Boil 3 cups water mix in 2Tbs. white vinegar. Let cool 10 minutes, then separate into different bowls. Add 3-5 drops of the food coloring in each bowl and mix. You are ready to dye! 2-FINISHING TOUCH- When you are done dying and decorating the eggs, you can make them look even better with a little vegetable or olive oil. Take a paper towel and dip the end into the oil. Smear over the entire egg. If there is excess oil on the egg, grab another paper towel and wipe it off. This will make the colors POP! 3-GLUE FOR GLITTER EGGS- Mix equal parts Elmer's glue and water. This will give a thinner glue that spreads better over the egg. "Put that in your back pocket" -Brit & Kells

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  1. These tips are golden! Keep 'em coming!