Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rubber Band Easter Eggs

This is a fun way to take ordinary colored eggs, and make them "EGG" xtraordinary!
Rubber Band Easter Eggs
From: Brit & Kells

Boiled Eggs
Thick Rubber Bands
Easter Egg Dye

Wrap the rubber bands around the egg going all different directions. Make sure they aren't twisted. You want to have the rubber bands flat on the egg. Put the egg in the dye. When they are done being colored, let them dry on a paper towel before taking off the rubber bands. You can add more bands and dye in another color. (Like the blue yellow and white egg in the picture.)

"Put that in your back pocket"
-Brit & Kells

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  1. Wow! These eggs turned out amazing! Especially after I shined them up with some olive oil.