Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Clip Boards

This is a super easy, cheap, and cute gift to give your children's teacher at the end of the school year. Making all three boards at the same time only took about 1 hour For everything to make three clip boards, I only spent around $14.00 total.
Teacher Appreciation Clip Boards
From: Kells
Time: 1 Hour
Clip Boards (Walmart is the cheapest, $1.90 each)
Scrapbook Paper
Modge Podge
Sponge Paint Brush
Cut any and all paper before you start to use the modge podge. Then put a layer of modge podge on the clip board and apply the biggest piece of paper. Let dry a 2-3 minutes. Then apply another layer of modge podge over the entire board and paper. Put the smaller pieces of paper were you want them to go. Let dry another 3-5 minutes. Continue until you have all the different layers of paper modge podged on. Then apply another 3-4 coats of the modge podge drying 4-5 minutes in between. You can also do the back if you would like.

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