Sunday, April 3, 2011

Colorful Picture Frames

This one is again for the babies room. I wanted to have a lot of color and fun on the walls. This was a very inexpensive craft and has totally finished off the room. You can even do darker colors on the frames. You can add pictures instead of flowers. This is such a versatile craft. Anyone can change it to fit the room they are decorating.

What you'll need to get started: Different sizes and styles of wood picture frames, acrylic paint in various colors, hot glue gun, ribbon, and scrapbook paper for the backing.
Paint your frames and let them dry. I did two coats on each frame. Then you'll want to cut out the scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame. Glue down the paper to the back of the frame. Put glue on the back of the flowers, not just in the center, but on the back of the petals too and place on the paper in the designated spot. That way the flowers will lay flat. Drill two holes in the top corner and thread the ribbon through. Tye a knot on the end of the ribbon on each side of the frame and hang.
"Put that in your back pocket"

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  1. Kellie I love love love these!! Your amazing and so talented...